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Siiri Partanen is a musician and actress from Helsinki, Finland. She is performing a lot as a musician: drummer and singer and she has been studying music since 2006: first in Jyväskylä Vocational school then in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Arts and now she is finishing her MA Music course in Sibelius-Academy. Partanen has been working as an actress in a Finnish comedy-drama television series called Uusi Päivä from the very beginning, year 2010. She also played one of the leading roles in a drama series called Väärät Bileet which was presented in Finnish television in February 2016. Partanen has been acting in different kind of theater plays, musicals, musical theater plays and short movies. She has also been studying acting in different kind of courses for example in Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Besides performing with lots of different kind of bands and orchestras Partanen also composes and arranges music.  Her music has been performed in Finnish television and radio but also in many concerts around the world. According to Siiri Partanen, rhythm, interaction and strong emotions are endless sources of inspiration for her.