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Siiri Partanen is a musician and actor from Helsinki, Finland. She graduated as Master of Arts in Acting (International) from East15 Acting School (University of Essex). Partanen completed her Master of Music studies in Sibelius-Academy in 2017. At the moment Partanen is working as a full-time actor at Rovaniemi Theatre in where she is currently playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret the musical.

Partanen has been studying music since 2006, earning degrees as a musician and a music pedagog in Jyväskylä Vocational school and in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Arts respectively. In 2011 Partanen studied an exchange semester in Switzerland.

Partanen has taken courses in acting e.g. in Theatre Academy in Helsinki as well as The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts - GITIS. Having acted one of the leading roles in a drama series Väärät Bileet, broadcast in Finnish television in 2016, she worked as an actor and a musician in the original line-up of the Finnish drama comedy television series Uusi Päivä since its inception in 2010 until 2017. In addition, Partanen has been acting in different kinds of theater plays, musicals, musical theater plays and short movies. Her latest venture is an international theatre collective called Cognatus. Their first show "The Ideal Woman" is a devised experimental piece which premiered at the Southend Fringe Festival in June 2018.
Starting from September 2018 Partanen worked 4 months as an acting tutor in China.

Besides performing in lots of different kinds of bands and orchestras Partanen is also a composer and an arranger.  Her music has been performed not only in Finnish television and radio but also in many concerts around the world. Rhythm, interaction, and strong emotions are endless sources of inspiration to Partanen.